Experienced, Passionate, Dedicated, Creative, Ambitious. Saraswatie Pherai

“What makes you, SPARKLE?”

“I believe our hair is more than just an appearance. It’s art to me. Edgy, unique and creative are a few characteristics which define my work. What I find important is to create a hairstyle that suits you and extends you as a individual. And at the same time maintain the integrity of the hair. I recommend 6 weekly haircuts for growing hair into a longer length and a Olaplex home treatment every week. Learning and seeing different techniques have given me the skills to accomplish every look. Products and tools are 75% of how your hair looks!

For example a quality shampoo & conditioner, a professional flat/curling iron or just the right stylingproducts for your hairstyle. I find my inspiration in everything and everyone. Everyone has something that makes them shine and sparkle. So the ‘million dollar’ question is:
How can i make u feel & look more GORGEOUS? That is what we’re going to find out together and create the perfect look for you!”

With love,
Saraswatie Pherai